Build your Bike

All MiTech models are also manufactured as custom-sized frames. Every body is unique and individual and sometimes the technical standards just aren’t right. That’s why the frame doesn’t fit the forks! Or the height-to-length proportions of the frame don’t match, or the handlebars or seatpost don’t have the right angle.

Icon Materialwahl
1. Choose the model and tube material

Choose your desired tube shape. Maybe you also want a specific tube set – We’re happy to help and provide advice.

Icon Maße
2. Take body measurements

Body measurement is particularly important for a perfect frame fit. We create the optimal frame for you with the help of a computer and empirical data. Help

Icon CAD
3. Creation of the CAD drawing

After we have received your information, a CAD drawing will be made for each MiTech custom-sized frame. These will be sent or faxed to you for confirmation.

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4. Manufacturing of the frame

The custom-sized frame is manufactured precisely and meticulously by hand at MiTech in Sauerland based on the CAD drawing.

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5. Choose the color

Of course, you can design your MiTech custom-sized frame in any color you want, with double powder coating or anodization.

Icon Fertigstellung
6. Delivery

Your custom-sized frame will be ready for delivery after about 4 weeks.




Great reasons for choosing a custom-sized frame from MiTech:

  • Frame is 100% customized for you
  • We turn your wishes into a unique frame
  • Additional costs compared to a standard frame are relatively low
  • Enjoy the same advantages of a custom-sized frame that many top athletes enjoy
  • Our experts will make sure you get the best frame for your needs